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RFID is a wireless system that uses radio frequency communication to automatically identify, track and manage objects.
The EC-ASP Business Solutions Platform helps companies achieve better performance without complicated IT setup procedures.
With the right kind of tailored support, the mobile communities will be able to maximize their productivity and adaptability.
Data engineering is a multi-tiered process that aims to use compiled data to provide a balanced view on company objectives.
EBS offers comprehensive consulting, training and technology transfer services that address your needs throughout every phase of the technology adoption lifecycle.
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Successful Stories

Autotoll Limited

RFID Logistics Pilot Portal


Autotoll Limited, the leading intelligent transport and logistics management solutions provider that started out as an electronic toll collection service and equipment provider, was formed through the merger of The Autopass Co. Ltd. and Electronic Toll Systems Ltd. in October 1998. 


In the wake of the mandates given by the US Department of Defense and retail giants, Wal-Mart and Tesco, for suppliers to adopt the RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, Autotoll sought to address the growing interest in RFID and to help companies in the region learn more about this technology. With its extensive experience in the application of RFID, Autotoll aimed to offer companies a cost-effective way of testing the technology in their operations.


In 2004, Autotoll collaborated with E-Business Solutions Limited (EBS), formerly known as ETI Consulting Limited (ETIC), IBM and the Hong Kong Productivity Council to develop a package of equipment and services that would allow companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China to test RFID in their operations. Specifically, EBS worked with IBM to develop an RFID Logistics Pilot Portal that would enable companies to track the movement of their goods on the Internet. The portal would also provide a shared platform that could facilitate cross-companies and cross-locations trials, as well as contribute towards the future creation of a global infrastructure of EPC (electronic product code) network and retailers.