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RFID is a wireless system that uses radio frequency communication to automatically identify, track and manage objects.
The EC-ASP Business Solutions Platform helps companies achieve better performance without complicated IT setup procedures.
With the right kind of tailored support, the mobile communities will be able to maximize their productivity and adaptability.
Data engineering is a multi-tiered process that aims to use compiled data to provide a balanced view on company objectives.
EBS offers comprehensive consulting, training and technology transfer services that address your needs throughout every phase of the technology adoption lifecycle.
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Board of Directors

Dr. Peter L. Lee

Dr. Lee is the Executive Director of Rondabosh International Limited. Prior to his retirement in December 2007, he was the President of Chesapeake Asia-Pacific Limited and Corporate Vice President of Chesapeake Corporation in 2002

Prof. Chung-Jen Tan

Prof Tan is very active in promoting the adoption of e-business technologies and practices by public and private enterprises in Hong Kong and the PRC region. He is also actively sought after as an advisor by many international technical and academic institutions.

Mr. Dominic Tong

Dominic is Chairman of Jetty Innovations Limited, a holding company of E-Business Solutions Limited (EBSL).