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Successful Stories

Holoso Limited

RFID Scooter Identification


Holoso Limited specializes in electric propulsion technology system integrator using proprietary propulsion and control technologies to develop and supply products ranging from the smallest scale of propulsion like electric wheelchairs to the largest scale like electric vehicles.


In 2005, Holoso commissioned a study to explore the feasibility of using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies for secure vehicle identification number (VIN) identification and authenticity of one of its products, an electric scooter.


The study was conducted by E-Business Solutions Limited (EBS), formerly known as ETI Consulting Limited (ETIC) in two phases: planning and pilot.

In the planning phase, EBS conducted a site survey to collect and understand Holoso’s requirements. Based on these requirements, EBS evaluated RFID devices in terms of hardware features and cost and conducted trial testing.

In the pilot phase, EBS designed the most suitable RFID solution for Holoso. EBS also designed and performed RF performance testing based on different testing scenarios, such as material test, temperature test, environmental test, orientation test and position test. EBS analyzed all the testing results and recommended the best suit RFID solution and application for VIN identification and authenticity.

The devices used in the study included the Pretide HF (13.56 MHz) tags and Compact Flash (CF) module reader installed in a PDA. The tag was attached to the chassis and the PDA was used to read/write VIN embedded in the tag for identification via a customized handheld application.

Client Quotes

"ETI proves to be a valuable partner for SMEs with limited technical expertise or resources to develop and implement innovations which otherwise would not be possible." said by Mr C P Lo, Director of Holoso Limited.