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EC-Communicator is an EC-ASP messaging service providing a user-friendly web interface for users to distribute SMS, MMS and E-mail. This system allows users to disseminate promotional messages, market news, job orders, alerts and any information to target groups with ease. It is a convenient way to keep in contact with your customers, co-workers and business partners.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively promote/retain existing and new customers
  • EC-Communicator helps you send out notices and reminders easily
  • Allows you to enhance staff collaboration using mobile messages
  • Relieve from dealing with the fast changing technologies and will be able to focus on your core business
  • Benefit from the flexibility, scalability and upgradeability of the platform. Starting with a specific solution, you can expand the service scope anytime you want.

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Web Interface
  • Provides user friendly web interfaces for all operations.


  • Supports personalized SMS such as putting customer’s name in the SMS
E-mail to SMS
  • Automatically converts e-mails to SMS
System Integration
  • Enhances your existing system with SMS capabilities
Two-way Interaction
  • Two-way Interaction
  • Supports usage and delivery reports