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Using online payment methods to complete transactions has become a booming trend. Whether payments come in as credit cards or PPS, small and medium sized enterprises rely on the effective collection of funds online. EBS’s EC-Payment solution integrates these common online payment methods into one interface that is intuitive to both the customers and to the account administrator. EC-Payment streamlines and consolidates the online payment process, making each transaction easy for customers and taking the guess work out of collecting money for companies.

Key Benefits

  • System is currently compatible with Visa and MasterCard as well as PPS
  • Administrative console includes bilingual support for English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Intuitive interface design does not require any IT knowledge to use, allowing both customers and administrators to easily access and use the payment system
  • The perfect solution for small and medium sized enterprises which do not have resources or support to process online payment, but want to add this convenient and professional business tool to their website
  • Easy-to-use and cost-effective, with support for high business volume


Online Payment Security
  • The EC-Payment system uses the most up-to-date online payment security system to ensure that every transaction goes through swiftly and securely
Administrative Support
  • Full operational support to ensure that businesses get payments on time every time
Interface Customization
  • Supports customization of buyer interface to match a company’s existing web design, giving customers  stronger feelings of security, loyalty and familiarity with the payment process.