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RFID Asset Management Solution

Effectively managing assets across a company is crucial. Real time self-identification technology such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can help taking asset management to the next level and provide exceptional accuracy, efficiency, security and visibility. EBS’s RFID Asset Management Solution is an integrated facilities and asset management solutions that use RFID technology to manage inventory efficiently. Users can track and locate assets, prevent theft and effectively manage their assets. The solution makes it possible to know that the right asset is being used in the right way by the right person at the right time and in the right place.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance asset visibility while tracking & tracing
  • Improve efficiency of stocktaking & inventory auditing
  • Manage asset transfer & borrow/return effectively
  • Manage asset usage patterns & increases durability
  • Enhance asset control & monitoring of valuable assets

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RFID Technology

  • Embedded RFID solution for asset and location identification
Retrieve Asset Information
  • Allows the retrieval of asset information such as installation dates, location of each asset and more
Track Asset Movement
  • Enables automatic identification of asset movement situations
  • Reduces time spent in searching for assets
  • Provides complete history of asset movement
Support Daily Operations
  • Allows users to reserve, loan, return and dispose assets through web
Inventory Management
  • Allows users to generate report to view list of assets and daily operation summaries