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RFID Document Management Solution

The RFID Document Management Solution can identify the real-time location and ownership of documents. It allows the trace of document movement history for user to optimize operational process. The solution also provides access control and approval process to prevent unauthorized users to retrieve any restricted documents. RDMS allows effective tracking of document physically as well as its whereabouts in the overall business process.

Key Benefits

  • Shorten operation process by recognizing numerous documents in a stack
  • Eliminate paper-based book keeping procedures
  • Reduce human error in transaction handling
  • Rapid retrieval of documents and indication of locations
  • Maximize utilization of document and resources

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RFID Technology
  • Ensures system security with RFID access card and password to login the system
Document Locating
  • Enables an easy access to document location
Document Auditing
  • Provides search list for inventory checking
Workflow Management
  • Enhance business processes visibility, knowing the status and ownership of documents
  • Traces ownership history for reference purposes