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RFID Library Management Solution

The RFID Library Management Solution is designed to offer one-stop convenience to library staff and users via RFID technology. Using the latest RFID technology, information can be read much faster than with traditional barcodes. This technology improves economic efficiency and provides cost saving measures, while at the same time providing better protection of library resources. Our Solution can support small office library as well as mega libraries with millions of books.

Key Benefits

  • Enable multiple items check-in/-out simultaneously
  • Increase patronage by efficient self check-in/-out system
  • Improve inventory checking process and accuracy
  • Streamline book sorting & re-shelving process
  • Enhance security level of library resources

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Data Conversion
  • Allows users to tag the books with RFID labels
Self Check-In/-Out
  • Enables fast and accurate identification of library resources
  • Allows patrons to perform the check-in/-out processes themselves, which helps to reduce queuing time and facilitates faster services by librarians
24x7 Book Return
  • Provides a 24x7 book return service; the Book Return Unit can be located anywhere, inside or outside the library
Fast Inventory
  • Allows librarians to easily locate and identify library resources on the shelves using an RFID handheld device
  • Improves inventory check process
  • Save time in stock take
Anti-Theft Detection
  • Ensures the security of the library resources; the RFID sensors trigger an alarm when an item that has not been checked out is removed from the library area
Legacy System Support
  • New CellSupport multiple Library Management System including Library Master, VLib and Millennium ILS