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Mobility within the global community is booming. Organizations will have to manage a rapid transition to a style of working on the move. With the right kind of tailored support, the mobile communities will be able to maximize their productivity and adaptability. New mobile technologies provide users easy access to remote services regardless of where they are and takes advantage of the ubiquity of wireless networking with context-sensitive information. The impact on productivity of mobile communities has been vastly positive across regions and industries.

Key Benefits

  • Mobile workforce benefits from increased efficiency through automating the scheduling and reporting process with reduced commuting time.
  • Organizations benefit from more transparent mobile workforce management.
  • Service companies benefit from enhanced customer service through faster response to customers with personalized information.
  • Logistics companies benefit from higher visibility and better scheduling of their mobile workforce.
  • Retailers benefit from increased revenue through providing targeted promotional information base on the location of customers.
  • Students benefit from learning anytime and anywhere.
  • Schools benefit from better student participations through edutainment-based teaching.

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Real-time data synchronization
  • Search for updated customer & products information in real-time
  • Generate work orders, call plan and call report on-the-go, no more waiting at office
Real-time performance management
  • View updated work order progress or sales information anytime
  • Generate performance reports with updated figures anytime
Real-time track and trace
  • Identify the real-time location of mobile workforce for better scheduling and faster response to customers
Target marketing
  • Send location-specific promotion to customers on the move