Mr. Christopher Kwok

Mr. Christopher Kwok

Chief Innovation Officer

Christopher Kwok has over 25 years of experience in ICT, in particular in enterprise solutions including computer hardware, software, cloud, mobility and IoT solutions. He has over 10 years of leadership experience managing and leading businesses and teams across the Asia Pacific region. He has extensive experience working with enterprise customers and channel partners, including state-owned and global enterprises, software vendors, system integrators, and telecommunications operators within Asia Pacific.

Christopher has been a company spokesperson for various corporations. He is recognised as a thought leader in business and technology strategy, and has been a key player that can turn innovative ideas into success, including the creation of IoT solutions that make Smart City a reality, the first Microsoft hosting solution win in Hong Kong, and numerous mobility solution wins in Asia Pacific, etc.

Christopher had held various positions in several multinational corporations, including Mobile Strategist of DSI Global in Asia, Head of Technical Sales of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong, and Senior Manager of Technical Services of BlackBerry in Asia Pacific, etc.


Christopher holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and a master’s degree in Telecommunications from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.