Ms. Emily Lao Kam Chung

Ms. Emily Lao Kam Chung

Non-executive Director

Emily is experienced in technology R&D, project management and technology transfer.

In her past ten years at E-Business Technology Institute (ETI) of the University of Hong Kong, Emily was dedicated to the research and development of business automation technologies with respect to industry application in logistics and supply chain management, food safety and healthcare. Her R&D projects ranged from package-specific RFID tagging, logistics service platform, logistics gateway middleware, real time food quality management, sustainable green logistics to RFID-infrastructure workplace.

Prior to joining ETI, Emily was the Principal – Head of FX Sales in Bank of America Hong Kong. She managed a team of FX sales to provide FX advisory services to financial institutions in Asia, corporate and retail customers in Hong Kong as well as government entities in the PRC. She was also responsible for the development and management of the treasury operation in the PRC branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Emily joined Bank of America in 1983 as a management trainee after college. She was one of the earliest woman traders in the foreign exchange industry, and had participated in the market when HKD was pegged and when Euro dollar was born.

Emily received Bachelor Degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Science Degree from the University of Hong Kong.