ETIC provides the First University in HK which uses RFID Technology in the Library System

Beginning September 2008, the Main Library of The University of Hong Kong has installed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to facilitate self check in / out of library materials, marking a new epoch of services in a local university library.

Provided by ETI Consulting Limited (ETIC),more than one million books and bound journals have been tagged – facilitating the use of self-service platform and made high speed stock-taking a reality. Library staff can also be relieved of repetitive tasks allowing more time to spend with library users.

Using the latest RFID tags, information can be read much faster than with traditional barcodes. This technology improves economic efficiency and provides cost saving measures, while at the same time providing better protection of library resources.

“ETIC has the distinction of being the first provider to combine integrated RFID technology with sophisticated library management and composite application development capabilities to the first university in Hong Kong,” said Mr. Edward Wong, President of ETIC.

“Efficiency, security and privacy are more and more becoming a focus for libraries as they look at implementing RFID and we are proud to be an RFID partner with the HKU Library,” he added.