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Proximity Detection Solution

EBSL’s Proximity Detection Solution enhances safety and productivity by using Blaxtair’s technology and products to identify person and obstacle/object nearby an operating truck. Its real-time monitoring system alerts the truck’s driver to the danger, without unnecessary alarms. The solution targets ZERO ACCIDENT on industrial sites.

Solution Highlights

  • Zero accidents – it enhances safety and productivity
  • Safety control – it uses AI technology to distinguish a person from an obstacle/object
  • Real-time monitoring system – it provides immediate feedback to driver and eliminates safety incident

Key Benefits

Enhanced pedestrian safety – the system differentiates pedestrians and obstacles in real time, alerts the driver of actual danger and thus helps to prevent serious accidents on industrial sites. 
Highly robust and easy to install – it operates in harsh and tough environments, such as strong vibration, high impacts, wide temperature variance (-40 degree to +75 degree), glare, mud, snow and fog.  The Sensor head is IP69K and the Processing unit is IP67.
Blaxtair alerts the driver only in case of danger –  it focuses primarily on pedestrian detection, it avoids nuisance alarms and alarm fatigue. It accompanies the driver in the control of his machine, allowing him to work serenely and focus on his productive task. It reduces his stress, as well as pedestrians’ one.
Increased productivity and better working conditions – it accompanies relevant alerts for the truck’s driver, avoiding nuisance alarms and alarm fatigue.
Blaxtair reduces maintenance costs due to equipment damage it can also alerts the driver when any obstacle near the vehicle is likely to damage it.

Industries / Applications 

  • Construction and Logistics Industry
  • Logistics and Transport Management
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Manufacturing and Production Operation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Food & Beverage Industry

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