Warehouse Management Solution

Warehouse Management Solution

Daily operation in a warehouse could be complicated. Goods inside a warehouse are stored on temporary bases and would be moved out finally. There are variations in terms of quantity, category, ownership, receiving time, storage period and dispatching arrangement. Managing a warehouse is about handling the logistic flow, planning of space, assigning workforce and combining all these for achieving operational efficiency.

There is complexity in every phase of the logistic flow, from goods received, storage, pick and pack, to dispatch. Poor planning, inappropriate procedures or human mistakes may cause item missing, more workloads, task delay, cost increase and profit decline. With the Mobile Warehouse Management Solution from EBSL, warehouse operation becomes a lot easier with the highly automatic system design.

Solution Highlights

  • Manages the overall goods handling operation, includes goods receiving, storage and dispatch in the whole operation cycle
  • Streamlines operations with merging multiple orders by same category or splitting multiple orders by bin location
  • Dispatches pick and pack orders close to stock bin location to optimise routes
  • Reduce picking problems through intelligent displays at shelf bins and plastic totes to guide warehouse staff to manage multiple orders.
  • System developed based on open platform for easy integration with existing warehouse management system

Key Benefits

  • Enhances logistic flow and inventory accuracy
  • Improves staff productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Optimizes warehouse space utilization and workforce planning
  • Improves service quality, responsiveness and SLA

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