IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant network of connections linking up objects and people. Objects could be machines, devices, sensors, and the interoperability to connect and communicate with each other can generate automation, intelligence and value for business. The concept of smart building, smart factory and smart city is made possible with the IoT technology. EBSL has been creating cutting-edge IoT solutions for our customers, helping them to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, strengthen market positions and out-performed competitors. We provide the best expertise and consultancy for different industries to meet their distinct business needs in applying IoT applications.

Zenzi Solution

In IoT world all things being connected without physically linked ups, thanks to the IoT wireless sensor technology. Sensors can detect an environment’s conditions like temperature, water, pressure, motion, gas, light, just to name a few. The data collected by sensors can be shared with other connected devices, uploaded to the cloud, triggering alerts or further actions based on pre-set operational procedures. It’s the key application when managements are relying on big data for business intelligence, or manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 to achieve production excellence. As one of the market leader and being awarded many times, EBSL’s IoT ZenziTM Solution is an all-in-one package including system connectivity, sensors, gateways, management platforms, applications and analytics.

In Healthcare Management

In Facility Maintenance

In Data Centre

In Shop Management

In Cold Chain

In Warehouse

In Predictive Maintenance

  • Keep monitoring the temperature and vibration of the device during daily operation
  • Alerts on out-range conditions
  • Analysis of collected data to forecast problems in early stage

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