Mobile Building Inspection System

Mobile Building Inspection System

MoBIS is a cloud-based software solution that handles the last stage yet most important stage of Construction Project – Quality Inspection. With MoBIS, project managers, subcontractors, clerk of works (CoW) and other stakeholders can record, track, monitor and analyse quality issues of building projects. MoBIS can be applied to newly-built building projects and renovation works. MoBIS can be used by two groups of users in building projects:

  • Architects, project managers, clerk of works, and subcontractors
  • Developers, project managers, customer services and new home buyers

MoBIS provides a convenient and powerful tools for project managers to keep track of quality issues of building projects. MoBIS provides an Android / iOS App for clerk of works (CoW) / new home owners to record, report, track, monitor and analyze defects in building projects. All defects are recorded with the MoBIS App and uploaded to the MoBIS Cloud Platform. MoBIS will actively allocate quality issues to respective responsible parties (e.g. subcontractors) based on the trade, quality nature, etc. MoBIS will further track the progress of respective defects and closely monitor the target completion time (Service Level Agreement). Timely notification will be escalated to supervisory members for best project control as well as customer satisfaction. In addition, the accumulated quality-related data provides a solid foundation for builders to analyze and upgrade built quality and subcontractor management.


By managing the quality issues of built projects, MoBIS greatly enhances

  • Project management effectiveness with greater visibility
  • Productivity of built Quality Control Process with automation in tasks allocation and timely notifications and reminders
  • Subcontractor management with subjective key performance indicators
  • Continuous improvement in Built Quality with building quality data metrics

Product Merits

Extremely Cost Effective

MoBIS adopts a pay-peruse subscription business models. Developers / project managers can subscribe the MoBIS before commencement of Quality Inspection Stage and terminate subscription upon completion of Quality Inspection process.

Highly Configurable

MoBIS is designed with great flexibility. Business parameters including trades, defect types, root causes, inspection tasks, checklist, etc. can be configured based on the Project Manager preference.

Key Functions

Management Dashboard
Inspection with checklist
Auto-task allocation to subcontractors
Defect tracking
Defect report
Management Dashboard Real-time statistics of Defects progress at site level (new cases, inprogress, quality check, completed, etc.) CoW Inspection Checklist Customizable checklist for defect reporting
New Home Owner Inspection Checklist Customizable checklist for defect reporting Defect Tracking Status Tracking, Target Completion Time monitoring, Multimedia support (photos & video)

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