RFiDY Middleware

RFiDY Middleware

The RFID solutions by EBSL are well-designed, all-inclusive, with provisions of RFID hardware, tags, readers, antennas and accessories. The solutions cover hardware installation, configuration, testing, inspection and will be seamlessly integrated into any existing systems. The RFiDY Middleware bridges RFID data capture, processing and information exchange among devices, applications, systems and networks. Integration of RFID to enterprise applications has never been so simple with EBSL Middleware.

Solution Highlights Reader Management

  • Allows system operators to configure, monitor and manage readers through a user-friendly interface

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Administers and configures the system in user-friendly interface

Data Access

  • Retrieves and filters critical information at ease

Report Generation

  • Comprehensive reports readily available


Key Benefits

Total compatible and integrated with the existing systems and platforms
Supports multiple standards of RFID tags and readers
Provides a system infrastructure for RFID application development
Easy transfer of data

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