Indoor Location Tracking

Indoor Location Tracking

From individual safety to asset location, EBSL Indoor Location Tracking Solution helps enterprise to locate their field staff, fixed assets such as expensive equipment or mobile assets such as pallets within their premises in real time. Enterprises can now be more responsive in locating their staff or assets for their operation and provides better service level to their clients. EBSL Indoor Location Tracking Solution helps enterprises with different needs by offering different technologies such as Bluetooth Beacon technology or RFID technology that aligns with their objectives and environment. You can now easily locate your staff or asset location through smartphones or desktop computers.

Solution Highlights

  • Location Identification
    • Searches, locates and identifies the whereabouts of field staff, assets or stocks in real time
  • Movement Tracking
    • Tracking and tracing of field staff, assets or stocks automatically
    • Full history of movement record
  • Security Control
    • Sends out alerts in case of unauthorized entrance or exit

Key Benefits

Improved field staff security and safety especially during emergency evacuation
Increase efficiency and SLA through real time locating field staff, tracked tools or equipment needs for daily operation
Better visibility and security of valuable assets located within the premises

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