RFID Passenger Baggage Handling Management Solution

RFID Passenger Baggage Handling Management Solution

The airport baggage handling is one of key performance indexes of airport operations. It is as important as the airport passenger management and flight management. It relates not only to the customer experience in the journey, but also the safety and security of travellers and cabin crew. To minimize mishandling cases, time, cost and risks, applying RFID technology for baggage handling system (BHS) is an effective solution. Our award-winning application ensures passengers’ checked baggage make the same journey and arrive safely at the destination while meeting the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Safety and Security Requirements of baggage reconciliation.

Solution Highlights

  • First in the World
    • Innovatively integrating RFID technology with robotics which handling baggage loading automatically
    • Automatic baggage reconciliation during baggage loading
  • Bespoke-design RFID Reader and Antenna
    • Slim form factor RFID Reader
    • Antenna designed for 100% baggage reconciliation
  • Identification, Verification and Alerts
    • A central control unit displaying relevant baggage loading information to baggage handling personnel
    • Gives alerts in case of mismatches
  • Container Tracking
    • Keeps track of the specific container that houses the baggage by automatically matching and recording both ID information
  • Intelligent Reporting
    • Self-diagnosis and health status report

Key Benefits

Enhances operational efficiency by highly automation and less labour-dependent at baggage handling operation
More efficient and accurate baggage loading process means improved capacity and reduced mishandled bags
Enhances aviation safety compliance
Improves passenger travel experience
Intelligent design with exceptional mobility

Baggage handling task is vital yet becomes more complex as the volume of passenger baggage continues to grow. EBSL’s Baggage Handling Management Solution is one essential element in building a smart airport with its automatic baggage reconciliation, identification, container tracking and reporting functions.

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