IoT Medical Refrigerator Monitoring

IoT Medical Refrigerator Monitoring

EBSL’s IoT Medical Refrigerator Monitoring Solution monitors pharmaceutical refrigerators, door status and other environmental conditions through wireless sensors.  The Zenzi IoT Solution is an all-in-one solution which includes sensors, wireless connectivity, and IoT management platform to collect, process and visualize data.  It provides an efficient way to monitor anytime anywhere.


Solution Highlights

  • Temperature and Door Open-closed Monitoring – the monitoring device can measure and report the temperature in the pharmaceutical refrigerators to comply with the standard temperature for keeping the medicine and health care products. Our open-closed device will count the number of door open for the refrigerators and the time duration opened.
  • Environmental Monitoring – our Zenzi solution monitors not only temperature and humidity, but also detect motion, light, flooding, electricity power, safeguard against floods, water leakage, gas leaking, fire, power shortage, unauthorized access, and unusual movement.  The specific monitoring can be designed for meeting customers’ business needs.
  • Setting the Automation Alarm – the solution detects unusual conditions to create automatic work order and activate the alarm system to take trigger actions when the specific conditions are met.
  • Timely Alerts & Notifications – the real-time detection alerts multi-channel parties by sending them SMS/Email notifications reminding staff to take immediate actions.

Key Benefits

  • Total Control of  Environmental Conditions – the collected data can be shared, retrieved and analysed for business intelligence, insight and decisions.
  • Minimizes Risks  – the solution maximizes protection with real-time detection, alert issues and actions taken.
  • Proactive Maintenance – it monitors equipment failures and/or facility breakdowns and triggering maintenance processes autonomously, the solution prompts to shorten services downtime.
  • Predictive Maintenance – it predicts machine failures and triggers maintenance processes autonomously before incidents occur to avoid machine breakdown, service termination or disasters.
  • High Automation – it results in fewer human errors, more workload relief, safer working environment, happier employee and better staff retention

Industries/ Applications

  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Private and Public Hospitals
  • Pharmacies

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