Field Services Management Solution

Field Services Management Solution

Effectiveness in delivery of repair and maintenance services is about managing field technicians or engineer productivity, managing job dispatching, mean time to service and mean time to repair, while for the engineers they are more concern about having the right information at the point of repair such as repair history, parts consumed and labor hours in their daily works. How these MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) service teams operate on sites and communicate with their back offices during assignments have significant impact on the staff productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction. Field Services Management Solution offered by EBSL is designed to cope with such challenges. It effectively manages a mobile workforce with real-time visibility on staff’s location, work progress, work order creation and task completion. The solution also gives management the best allocation of manpower and resources in a timely manner.

Solution Highlights

  • Synchronizes mobile workers and back office with the mobile-ready app and the solution web portal
  • Views and schedules assignments for mobile workforce
  • Automatic work order dispatch to maintenance staff and monitoring work order status in real-time
  • Tracks, allocates and manages ad hoc tasks based on a technician’s location and availability
  • Reports updates on task progress and completion in the fields
  • Dashboard and analysis to highlight worker activities, issues, alerts and SLA performance
  • Integrates with billing, accounting, human resources and other back-office systems
  • Integrates with EBSL ZenziTM Solution to provide predictive maintenance capabilities

Key Benefits

Easy field service management of service dispatch, scheduling, manpower allocation, routes design and reporting on an all-in-one platform
Better communication between front line technicians and back office staff, increases productivity, enhances efficiency
Reduces human error caused by manual process, refines workflows, less paperworks but more systematic and organised digital records
Improves service quality, responsiveness and customer satisfaction
Helps management in areas of performance measurement, resources optimization, cost reduction and SLA

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