SMS Solution

SMS Solution

SMS (Short Message Service) is a communication tool being used pervasively around the globe. The mobile messaging solution can be in form of text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages with images, videos and sounds (MMS).


  • 15+ years of experience in SMS
  • Global coverage – 1,000+ networks in 200+ countries/regions
  • Multi-lingual support – reaching global recipients in their own languages

Service Highlights

  • Choices of distributing options – SMS API / Web Platform / E-mail
  • Interactive – Two-way SMS for sending messages and receiving replies
  • Custom-made sender’s name
  • High throughput rate
  • User defined blasting time – Instant messaging or scheduling distribution
  • Location based SMS
  • Delivery status report on success and failure cases
  • Comprehensive user account management
  • Phone book management
  • Message templates

Key Benefits

Flexible payment terms, competitive package available
Bulk messages blasting out to numerous audience in seconds with just a few clicks
No installation of software required
Ease of use service portal with user-friendly web interface
Comprehensive service support


The versatility of SMS is already proven its effectiveness in diverse uses.

Sales & Marketing

  • Promotional messages, discount coupons, loyalty programs, member notices, …etc for customer acquisition and retention.

Customer Service

  • Appointment reminders, balance inquiries, customer alerts/notices regarding spending/payment, service expiries/renewals, invitation, survey links, … etc. Freeing staff from engaging in calls while handling multiple messages and increase productivity.

Staff Communication

  • Work orders, job notices, emergence alerts, incidents reporting, progress updates.

Security – Authentication

  • PINs, one-time password for logins, online access of statement/sensitive information

IoT Sensor

  • All-in-one solution for real-time monitoring of temperature, water and voltage with instant SMS notifications and alerts

Mobile Messaging is popular across Industries

This effective and efficient messaging tool is already deployed by some of our clients in following industries.


  • Hospitals apply the service to communicate with doctors and send appointment reminders to patients


  • Builders send update notices to workers


  • Shopping malls distribute location-based messages to potential customers in nearby area

Tourism & Hospitality

  • Greeting inbound tourists with the latest news and offers


  • Banks inform clients regarding one-time password, payment reminders and promotion messages

Information Technology

  • Data center staff get alerts in unusual situations triggered by IoT sensors


  • Schools inform students of the course updates and invitation to complete questionnaires

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