FM Plus (Mobile Facility Management Solution)

FM Plus (Mobile Facility Management Solution)

Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. It covers two areas, ie. ‘Space & Infrastructure’ and ‘People & Organisation’. The scope of facility management covers EHS (environment, health and safety), fire protection, security, facilities maintenance, cleaning, space allocation and manpower resources planning. The property environment can be extensive, facilities are diversely distributed and staff working in separate locations. In the past, traditional facilities management had to deal with a list of challenges as below.



  • Inefficient operation process that relying on manual mode, paper works and non-digitised document distribution, filing and recording method
  • Ineffective communication between front line workforce and back end office may cause misunderstanding and delayed communication
  • Disorganised document management in handling or tracking of work orders and forms which are scattered over different locations and may get lost
  • Operation issues due to human error such as poor memory
  • Difficult to measure staff performance

EBSL’s award winning Mobile Facility Management Solution perfectly integrates the key components of facility management, ie. work order management, scheduled maintenance and patrol management, in a one-stop system platform. It is cloud-connected, providing real-time communication and leveraging mobile applications.

Solution Highlights

  • Modules of work order management, scheduled maintenance and patrol management are independent yet interrelated, capable of forming a thorough platform to cover the major facility management operations
  • Mobile-ready app and web for easy defect reporting by tenants or staffs in an instant
  • Automatic work order dispatch to maintenance staff and tracking work order status in real-time
  • Pre-set priorities, timestamps and interactive user interface to guide the staff to complete tasks
  • Capability of image capture, retrieval, edit and transmission via photo and video records during assignments
  • Email reminders & alerts for tasks, scheduled assignments and overdue work orders
  • Web Calendar to manage preventive maintenance
  • Dashboard and analysis to highlight work order progress, failures, alerts, top 10 problems and SLA performance
  • Account management to control the access rights for staff of different roles and levels

Key Benefits

Easy management and control of task assignments, work orders, patrols and scheduled maintenance integrated on one platform
Accurate and real time information access for staff at both frontline and back-office
Timely reporting of incidents, job dispatch, work progress, task completion and errors
Enhances staff safety with on-site location identification
Faster task completion and better communication with location tracking and visual data transmission
Reduces human error caused by manual process, refine workflow, less paperworks but more systematic and organised electronic file management
Improves customer service quality, responsiveness and satisfaction
Helps management in areas of performance measurement, resources optimization, big data collection, cost reduction and company reputation

The FM Plus (Mobile Facility Management Solution) offers maximum mobility to instantly retrieve and capture data and information in the facility. Field staff can instantly identify inspection / visiting locations, report real time incidents, update maintenance records, transmit photos and work order status back to the management office. This Solution is accessible to back office administration, which provides customer service support, maintenance job allocation and SLA monitoring.

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