Bright Start in 2020 with Connected Inventions

Bright Start in 2020 with Connected Inventions

Marked a bright start in year 2020, EBSL signed an agreement with the Finland base IoT devices company Connected Inventions to distribute their products. Taking this good opportunity, EBSL would join hands with Connected Inventions to introduce their high quality IoT devices into this part of the Globe. Being the strong Sigfox connection implementer, EBSL is excited to work with Connected Inventions to grow the market share of IoT riding on Sigfox connection.  By adding Connected Inventions IoT products into our product offerings, the customers would have more choices on their devices selection under the best local support to our customers.

Johnson Yim, CEO – EBSL said “ It is our honor to become a strategic partner with this Finland first IoT operator. As both of us have strong relationship and partnership experience with Sigfox – the world’s leading provider of Low Power Wide Area IoT network technology and ecosystem, we would like to bring in elements of freshness and taste of quality from an overseas, in particular an European company into the Asia and China markets.”

“By integrating Connected Inventions devices with Zenzi – our well established and widely used IoT platform, we assure that the devices will become more accessible and marketable. This will make the Connected Inventions devices with higher visibility not only from the excellent devices appearance, but also from the power of big data analysis thru our Zenzi platform.

“We are excited to start the strategic partnership with EBSL, one of the leading and most innovative IoT solutions providers in Hong Kong. We are convinced the EBSL expertise, the Zenzi platform, our IoT devices and the global Sigfox 0G connectivity will provide massive value in e.g. smart buildings and facility management sectors in Hong Kong”, said Mr. Markku Patronen, Founder and CEO, Connected Inventions.


About EBSL

EBSL, found in 2003, specializing in RFID, Smart ID and IoT solutions, has been offering corresponding solutions in Aviation, Health Care, Facility Management and Education Industry. Our technology and business transformation team have the skills, expertise and business domain knowledge to improve clients’ business process and to solve their business issues by deploying appropriate technology in various areas. Our IoT platform Zenzi is a connectivity independent platform which can help our clients to deploy IoT solutions in a very cost effective way. Working hand in hand with the award winning FM+ Facility Management Solutions, we do provide all-in-one IoT solutions to our clients. For more information, please visit


About Connected Inventions

Connected Inventions is a Finnish IoT product and solution provider. The company develops low cost and energy efficient solutions based on global 0G Sigfox-technology. Connected Inventions offers a wide range of services and solutions from custom IoT devices development to FoxerIoT software platform and is one of the leading 0G technology IoT-solutions providers in the world. We offer ultra low cost and durable tools to help our clients to collect and utilise data from billions of IoT-sensors, unlocking the true power of mass market IoT.