Bausch + Lomb Eyes on IoT Solution for Keeping Product Quality and Consumer Service

Bausch + Lomb Eyes on IoT Solution for Keeping Product Quality and Consumer Service


Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health products company, manufactures and distributes vision care products in over 100 countries. The company introduced the first soft contact lenses to the market and is the largest global provider of eye care products. The Hong Kong office offers a comprehensive product portfolio supplying contact lens, multi-purpose solutions, daily cleaners and eye drops to the local market.

The Challenge

Some Bausch + Lomb products are temperature sensitive and need to be kept at a specified temperature range. This is important since the storage temperature can significantly affect these products’ quality.

The Solution

In order to proactively monitor the temperature variation of these products in storage, Bausch + Lomb adopts the latest IoT Solution provided by EBSL. The solution leverages on state-of-the-art IoT technology in monitoring storage conditions.  

In a quick deployment, wireless temperature sensors are installed in places where products are stored. Temperatures are kept within a range to comply with public hygiene standards and guidelines. If the temperature is outside of the specified range, the solution would detect the variation and automatically issue real-time notifications in SMS and email to the operational team for prompt remedial actions. While product quality is maintained via closely monitoring the temperature conditions of the stock, Bausch + Lomb management receives monthly reports with detailed data and audit logs for reference.

The Result

With the EBSL Zenzi IoT Solution in place, the product quality is maintained. The solution can also be operational for a long time—IoT sensors, which can be easily installed, operate with replaceable coin cell batteries that can last for years. Real-time alerts for timely actions greatly increases the operational efficiency and hence substantially reduces the risk of product wastage. A constant supply of quality products would produce the best customer experience, securing Bausch + Lomb’s brand reputation.   

The Solution is an all-in-one management service providing wireless IoT sensors, online monitoring software and applications. It gives the client peace of mind in managing stock quality, simultaneously enhancing business performance and competitiveness.