SMS Solutions – Add-on features on MMS alternative

SMS Solutions – Add-on features on MMS alternative


SMS (Short Message Service) is a communication tool being used pervasively around the globe. The mobile messaging solution can be in form of text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) with images, videos and audios.

As everyone knows the cost of sending an MMS is much expensive than SMS, EBSL has built an alternative solution to function as MMS with just at the cost of SMS.

The Challenge

For enterprises, MMS has a unique content-rich feature for communication with the workforce, customers and other parties. However, most of the company owners are concerned about the budget.

The Solution

EBSL has launched a new content dissemination platform for users to customize and host their content-rich messages include artworks, images, fonts & motion graphics in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) format. A unique URL representing each artwork can be sent with SMS, the SMS recipient will be able to view the enriched content by just clicking the URL.

This Solution provides an alternative way of sending multi-media information to mobile with low-cost SMS. The Click Rate of each artwork is also captured and made available for analysis.

The Result

There are substantial advantages with launching this Add-on feature:

1. Offer a more cost-effective Multimedia Marketing / Information Dissemination Channel.

2. More interactive graphics can be added on the message. Enable innovative Applications for enterprises.